Life Belt With Laced Hoops Rescues Ice Crash Victims (Aug, 1931)

Life Belt With Laced Hoops Rescues Ice Crash Victims

A LONG plank shoved across the hole in the ice has always been the favorite method of rescuing a skater who has broken through, but up-to-date skating rinks are now equipped with a special new life saving belt which can be tossed to a person who has crashed through.

This device, which was displayed at the International Patent Exhibition held recently in Chicago, consists chiefly of two wooden rings, laced together by means of rope, as shown in the photo at the left. Buoyancy is provided by a float resembling an inner tube held between these ropes. The ice crash victim inserts his body through the small ring as illustrated in the photo.

  1. Githyanki says: September 5, 20087:09 am

    The plank was probably a favorite method because it was what was handy. If they were going to have something on hand to rescue ice crash victims, I think a rope would be much more useful, so you could just pull them out!

  2. Eliyahu says: September 5, 20087:50 am

    And just how is someone who is in ice water up to his or her neck supposed to get into this contraption?

  3. stefan says: September 7, 20083:30 pm

    It has to wear it beforehand, all skaters were to wear it at all times just in case.

  4. rsterling78 says: September 7, 20086:58 pm

    I like the unintentional juxtaposed magazine cover articles: How many will die flying the Atlantic this year? Among those flying it with the aerocycle on page 98, I’d say all of them!

  5. docca says: October 4, 200811:09 am

    stefan: the article says “which can be tossed to a person who has crashed through”.

    I imagine someone getting entangled on this while trying not to drown. Hilarity ensues.

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