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Simple parlor tricks will help you enjoy yourself— even if no one else does!

First you can’t, then you can inflate a balloon in a bottle. A straw in the bottle makes the difference. This trick is a fine one for showing the manly reins in your forehead.

Get your friends to try to make a cork float free of the sides of a glass of water. They can’t! But when water rises above the rim. surface tension created will hold the cork plumb in the center.

Peeled hard-boiled egg can be put into milk bottle if you drop lighted match in first thus creating partial vacuum. If asked to remove the egg, go on smoothly to next trick.

Invert a glass of water with a wet handkerchief plastered over the mouth. Look! Hardly any water spills out! Hey. look! No water’s coming out! Aw, c’mon now. gang, look!

To drive a three-inch nail through a one-inch board with your hand, do like so. Be sure to pad your hand with a handkerchief. A very good trick to try on your hostess’ Chippendale table.

  1. Mitch says: May 9, 20119:20 am

    At least they give tacit acknowledgement that this guy will never, ever kiss a girl. Psst, dude: put down the milk bottle and ask her what her major is…

  2. Eli says: May 9, 201110:28 am

    A homicidal glare is also good for showing off the manly veins in your forehead, and works about as well as balloon tricks for picking up girls at parties.

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