Light Fixture and Vent Fan in One (Jul, 1931)

Wouldn’t this just spread the hot air from the light bulb around the room? It doesn’t seem like a particularly good way of cooling. Ceiling fans are similar, but they have a much wider fan blade and actually don’t draw from the middle.

Light Fixture and Vent Fan in One

A NEW low priced combination fan and lighting fixture for ceiling mounting, known as “Koolite,” which serves both to light and provide proper ventilation for a room, has recently been placed on the market by manufacturers. Designed for easy installation in homes and offices, the “Koolite” is compact, efficient and ruggedly built.

The semi-direct lighting of the device meets all modern requirements, and its ventilating arrangement provides for thorough, constant circulation of air in rooms of more than average size. The design diffuses the air over a large area after it leaves the blades of the fan.

  1. cr0sh says: June 4, 20127:52 pm

    Interestingly enough, I was Lowes and saw a very similar “ceiling fan” as this one – ah, here it is:…

  2. DrewE says: June 5, 201211:06 am

    Unlike the Lowes fan, I think this has blades that are more perpendicular to the plane of rotation, something like a squirrel cage fan, so they’d tend to throw the air outward horizontally rather than move it up or down. (Any ceiling fan with a light is going to be dispersing the heat from the light around the room somehow or another; it’s not as though the heat has anywhere else to go.)

  3. cr0sh says: June 5, 201210:13 pm

    @DrewE: If you look closely at the picture, you can see that it is a downdraft fan, and not a squirrel-cage; the Lowes fan, IIRC when I saw in in-store, also had the lights “around” the fan, and not below it.

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