Light Harpoon Gun Spears Fish and Frogs (Jun, 1952)

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Light Harpoon Gun Spears Fish and Frogs

THIS efficient weapon operates on the same principle as the harpoon guns used in whaling in that it has a line uncoiling from a tank with which to retrieve the harpoon as well as the prey. Appearance and size (Fig. 3) are similar to a conventional gun with the exception of the tank for the line. The “barrel” (Fig. 1) consists of a length of cold-rolled steel channel secured to stock with 3 countersunk screws, and has a guide near “muzzle” with a-groove for harpoon shaft to raise one of the barbs above bottom of channel. Well or tank for line is one end of a 1 lb. fruit can, edges filed smooth and painted brown. Fit end of line with a ball or block; before firing wedge line in one of the forks as illustrated. To recoil line lift out end and, beginning at that end, wrap line loosely around your hand and replace in tank.

Four stout strands of live rubber bound with cord on each side of the sliding block give the harpoon high velocity. Make block of aluminum (Fig. 2) and fit so it slides freely without wobbling.

Adjust tension of the light spring so it is just strong enough to hold end of the shaft in socket when 2 u n is pointed down-ward (Fig. 4). Springs for both sliding block and trigger can be taken from a discarded clock.

For the harpoon use a 20 in. length of 3/16 in. cold-rolled steel, and flatten one end (Fig. 6), then file to a point. On the underside, an inch back of the point, file slightly flat and braze on a brass wire eye for the line. Make it only large enough to admit the line, to keep it as streamlined as possible for firing into water. On the other end, braze a thin brass piece on a flattened place to receive celluloid vane, which is cemented into place with model airplane cement or similar adhesive. Scroll-saw stock (Fig. 5) from white pine for lightness, round corners and shape to your taste. Stain walnut and oil or wax.—Hi Sibley.

  1. pawi says: July 27, 20093:33 pm

    ..dude this is great.. just what i’m looking to build.. BUT you could have done the illustrations
    on seperate pages.. it’s very difficult to understanding the entire drawing.. you’ve could have
    each illustration a seperate page explaining/showing each individual part properly..
    ..But any how it’s still looks fricking sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Firebrand38 says: July 27, 20093:41 pm

    Dude, look at the date of the article….you’re complaining to a dead man…..Man. Whoa, how creepy is that? Cool!

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