Lightning Bug Car Is Crash Proof (Aug, 1936)

Lightning Bug Car Is Crash Proof

DR. CALVIN BLACKMAN BRIDGES, the Carnegie Institution of Washington geneticist, knows a lot about bugs, for he breeds them and studies their mechanism under the microscope. But his hobby is Safety First and car building. His three-wheeled “Lightning Bug” is said to be crash and carbon-monoxide proof. It is small and squatty yet perfectly streamlined, with tail-light and license plates recessed and the Pyralin windows flush with the body. The doctor’s aim is to demonstrate what can be done to attain small car safety and readability.

  1. nlpnt says: March 22, 20086:24 pm

    I don’t usually think of a 3-wheeler as a “safety” design. Also, it’s interesting how many early streamliners dispensed with a rear window.

    I wonder if this is rear-engined, or an early example of a hatchback.

  2. rsterling78 says: May 11, 20088:11 pm

    And the car is “crash proof” because…?

  3. Paul Price says: June 1, 20085:21 pm

    the article was published in Aug, 1936? And he car has not been built yet? or is there a “Bug” being built goday?

  4. David W. Wilson says: August 4, 201110:16 am

    They are everywhere…
    3 wheeled vehicles are just safe or more so as 4 wheeled vehicles.
    Read. Do the math, etc…

    The only reason, in my opinion, that 4 wheels has become more popular these days is due to money spent on matketing.
    Also there is the so called “herd mentality”
    Lastly, these 4 wheeled cars look like wagons. Remeber coach builders first started as wagon builders.

    Reach out, stretch, transcend the “norm”…


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