Liquid Rocket (Feb, 1946)

Liquid Rocket, Germany’s ME 163B fighter, was only a rumor when MI commissioned their staff artists to do drawing below that appeared in May, 1945, issue. Photo of real plane was recently released.

  1. Hirudinea says: October 5, 20123:46 pm

    Hypergolic fuel, temperamental engines, 2 minutes of powered flight, dead stick landings on a skid and fighting against a nearly unlimited allied armada, madness! It was technically brilliant but practically insane.

  2. Stephen says: October 6, 20125:44 am

    The Luftwaffe pilots had a joke that the best way to give your life for the Reich was to be assigned to the Me163 squadron: if you didn’t die during takeoff, all you had to do was turn round, come in and land. Its main contribution to future aircraft design was to be the first plane to fly operationally with swept wings.

  3. jayessell says: October 6, 20126:00 am

    Did the Me163 kill more German aircrew than Allied aircrew?

    (There’s a movie whose title I can’t remember where one of the crewmen on a B29 sees a Me163 attacking and says
    “I thought Buck Rogers was on our side!”)

  4. Hirudinea says: October 7, 201212:58 pm

    @ jayssell – Yep that’s what I heard, the Me163 killed more Germans than Allies, would have been cheaper to just fire German pilots out of flak guns at Allied bombers, and would have probably ended up with the same kill ratio.

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