LITTLE INDY 500 (Jul, 1973)


Youth car bed. Share the excitement and delight with your child by building this cute shiny bright unique Indy youth bed. Just like the big 500 racers. Easy to build using in. plywood for complete body and wheels. Frame is 88 in. long X 44″ wide. Mounted on casters to move anywhere in the room. Send $2.50 for step by step plans and material list.

HAMMOND BARNS, Dept Ml 5, Box 39027 Indianapolis, Indiana, 46239.

  1. Hirudinea says: December 12, 201110:21 am

    Didn’t Kirk Van Houten have one of those?

  2. Kosher Ham says: December 12, 201111:30 am

    I thought that it was the character played by Rick Schroeder in Silver Spoons that had such a bed when he was younger.

  3. Charlie says: December 12, 20115:03 pm

    Kosher Ham: That’s what it made me think of. I was always jealous of that bed.

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