Little Mistakes That Wreck MARRIAGE (Mar, 1922)

Little Mistakes That Wreck MARRIAGE

Why do so many couples live at cross purposes?’ Instead of perfect happiness why does marriage commonly bring sorrow? Don’t people know how to marry or don’t they know how to act after marriage? You should know more about marriage! If you contemplate taking the step why take it blindly? If you are already married why not be perfectly happy? Avoid the little mistakes that make marriage a question of nagging, bickering, criticizing and doubting. Thousands now living in married misery could readily enjoy the daily con marriage should bring. There are many little secrets that send marriage toward continual happiness. You can learn these secrets free.

VALUABLE FREE BOOK Ray C. Beery, A. B., A. M., the author of books on marriage and other subjects now offers his expert help. Some of the questions he answers are fault-finding jealousy, doubt, suspicion, quibbling, incompatability and other sources of matrimonial discontent. Let us send you. free, his little book, “Fundamental Principles of Marriage.” It will cost you nothing now or any other time. Just a postcard or a letter will bring it to you at once. No obligation. Write now!

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