Live Bees Now Mailed in Tiny Cage (Feb, 1932)

Live Bees Now Mailed in Tiny Cage
THE postman now has a new and fairly dangerous article to be carried in his pack, since bees are shipped by parcel post. The bee is very carefully removed from the apiary, placed in a special box cage, which has a small supply of honey to keep the bee alive while in transit. The box has to be of a fair size.

  1. Zak Lybrand says: March 2, 20094:32 pm

    Looks interesting. Two things I’ve noticed though, what is the hoop on the top for, and what keeps the bee from escaping?

  2. Don Marti says: March 3, 200910:04 pm

    They block the hole with a sugar plug. The existing bees in the hive will eat the sugar and eventually get the new queen bee out, but by the time they’re done she’ll have the smell of the hive so they’re less likely to reject her.

    Current bee shipment rules at USPS:…

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