Living Shadow Dances on Giant Electric Sign (Mar, 1941)


Living Shadow Dances on Giant Electric Sign

PIROUETTING in front of a bank of photo-electric cells, Dixie Dunbar, New York dancer, recently cast a living silhouette on the world’s largest animated electric sign above the Great White Way. Her shadow, thrown on the electric eyes, blacked out lights in corresponding areas of the sign. In regular operation, animated-cartoon silhouettes are projected on the cells from a movie film.

  1. […] It’s kind of difficult to tell if they mean that the perferations are coded letters, or if they are actual characters cut out and then projected onto photo receptors, like this one (Living Shadow Dances on Giant Electric Sign). News Bulletins Written in Lights […]

  2. referências « ballet digitallique says: July 24, 201012:20 pm
  3. jayessell says: November 24, 20124:31 pm

    It would be interesting to find out how the “The Zipper” formed the characters in lights before digital electronics existed.
    Paper tape? Maybe physical metal letters on a chain dragged over electrical contacts?

  4. Charlie says: November 26, 20129:38 am
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