Living Statues Are Coated with Special Paint (Mar, 1941)

Living Statues Are Coated with Special Paint
Various phases of physical education are symbolized by an athletic group famed for its “statuary” poses. In performances given before audiences throughout the country, the team depicts activities of the physical training division of Springfield College in Massachusetts. Wearing tight-fitting rubber caps and trunks, the men are completely coated with a special aluminum paint and glycerin mixture which gives them a metallic sheen to resemble silvered statues. The paint is not poisonous, and washes off easily with soap and water.

  1. bobby j says: November 18, 201110:42 am

    The paint may not be poisonous but an allergy to it cost Buddy Edsen the role of the Tinman in the Wizard of Oz.

  2. Jari says: November 18, 201110:42 am

    So the first Silver Surfer convention was held even before his first appearance on FF.

  3. Donna Reynolds says: November 30, 20114:45 am

    Just want to correct a misspelling by bobby j on Nov. 18, 2011

    The name is Buddy Ebsen, with a “b”, not a “d”. Sorry, just had to mention it!

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