‘LOOK – Miss Nobody thinks she can play’ someone whispered (Nov, 1934)

LOOK – Miss Nobody thinks she can play someone whispered

—but when she sat down at the piano . . .

Eileen had never expected to be asked to Grace Williams’ party. Grace Williams—the leader of the most exclusive set in town.

Eileen was thrilled—yet so frightened. Well, she had already accepted Bill Gordon’s invitation, and now she’d have to go through with it.

That night Bill called for her. “You look adorable,” he told her proudly. Eileen wondered how the others would feel about her. She soon found out.

It was while they were playing bridge. “Who is that girl with Bill?” she heard someone whisper.

“I never saw her before,” came the reply. “Seems nice enough but nobody of importance, I guess.”

Eileen blushed. She’d show that smart crowd a thing or two! Soon the bridge tables were pushed away.

“Where’s Jim Blake tonight?” someone asked. “If he were here we could have some music.”

“Jim had to go out of town on business,” came the answer. Here was Eileen’s chance. Summoning all her courage she said, “I can play a little.”

There was a moment of silence. Hesitatingly Eileen played a few chords—then broke into the strains of the “Cuban Love Song.” Her listeners sat spellbound—never had she played so well. It was almost an hour before she rose from the piano . . . later Eileen told Bill a surprising story.

I Taught Myself “You may laugh when I tell you,” Eileen began, “but I learned to play at home, without a teacher.

I laughed myself when I first saw the U. S. School of Music advertisement. However, I sent for the Free Demonstration Lesson. When it came and I saw how easy it all was, I sent for the complete course. Why, I was playing simple tunes by note from the start. No grinding practice sessions — no U. S. SCHOOL OF MUSIC.

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  1. /\/\ike says: January 28, 201012:21 pm

    It seemed like nearly 4 years since she had read that infuriating article about “WOMEN AVIATORS” but at least this time they didn’t dump buckets of blood on her.

    “Eileen blushed. She’d show that smart crowd a thing or two!”

    To learn how develop your own pshychokinetic powers, send your soul and a self-addressed stamped envelope to 666 Brunswick Bldg., New York City. (Not directly affiliated with the U. S. SCHOOL OF MUSIC.)

  2. Myles says: January 28, 20102:08 pm

    Funny 🙂

  3. Paul says: December 4, 20115:00 pm

    Says a lot about 1930’s social structure.

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