“Look! Real SMOKE! Real Railroad Whistle!” (Nov, 1947)

“Look! Real SMOKE! Real Railroad Whistle!”

Hey, fellows!-don’t miss the LIONEL catalog and Sound Effects Record

Sure!— you’re going to build a model pike of your own! Sure! you’re going to have LIONEL locos and rolling stock, because ONLY LIONEL gives you power plus realism! Only LIONEL locos puff real smoke with action of driving rods) Only LIONEL Locos have built-in real R.R. whistle! And to build a real pike get the LIONEL

SPECIAL OFFER – For 25c we send you a 32-page full color catalog, a 4-inch sound effects record with narration by Bill Stern, famous Sports Commentator, plus official R.R. whistle signals on reverse side. We also send you a 32-page “FUN With LIONEL” book, a R.R. Guide Wall Chart, and a large ideal layout Blue Print. (Quantities limited, so please order early.)

LIONEL TRAINS, Box No. 430, Madison Square Station, New York 10, New York

  1. jayessell says: January 4, 200811:24 am

    I have one of those!

    There were pills you put in the chimney (is that the term?) of the engine and it would smoke.
    Not sure if it puffed or puffed faster with changes in engine speed.

    I wonder if it is a collectable now?

  2. jayessell says: January 4, 20082:41 pm

    Smokestack is the term I couldn’t remember.

    Official Lionel Smoke Pellets still available on eBay!

  3. CharlesH. says: January 4, 20083:13 pm

    Just about everything Lionel from that period is collectible. I bet those SFX records are particularly rare (folks! Check your attic!).

  4. Mike Brisendine says: January 4, 20086:47 pm

    Model trains were truly a father/son bonding device.

  5. bown says: January 4, 200810:00 pm

    1947. I’m sure that breathing in the smoke from those train pills causes cancer.

  6. dino c says: January 8, 20085:59 pm

    The pills where replaced with liquid drops. Little kids where poping them to see if they would smoke.

  7. Synonymous says: July 8, 200811:37 pm

    That kid’s face is terrifying.

  8. Robert says: December 29, 20104:49 am

    I have one of these from ’47, still works….

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