Look who’s talking! (Feb, 1969)

I can’t help but hear Bruce Willis’ voice when I see this ad.

Look who’s talking!

Sony/Superscope tape recorders

A tape recorder is your child’s first word. The very first. With all the hesitation, all the warmth, all the charm and all the sense of accomplishment captured exactly as it happened. Forever.

It is a bedside fairy tale to lull a growing mind to sleep at the end of a busy day. Or capture the fun and games of a seven-year-old’s birthday party.

It is a companion in the classroom. A convenient way to correspond from campus to home. Or perfect back-
ground music for courting lovers who themselves will someday soon begin the entire life’s cycle once again.

Because your life is so full of sound, our life is building the finest tape recorders in the world. And the most popular.

This year, Sony offers more than 30 totally different models to choose from. Monophonic. Stereophonic. Portable. Deck. System. Reel-to-reel. Cartridge. And cassette.

How many ways are there to use a tape recorder? Use your imagination…then use Sony.

You never heard it so good.

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