Lots of Wheels With VW Push (Dec, 1961)

Lots of Wheels With VW Push

WITH 16 of its 20 wheels powered, the 2200-lb. Nobel-Amphibil travels quickly over ditches, rocks, mud, snow, or ice— through clinging undergrowth, swamps, and swift streams, according to York Nobel Group, Ltd., London, which holds world production and sales rights.

The twin front wheels on each side are un-powered; they absorb road shocks and help guide the vehicle on steep slopes. The prototype Amphibil shown here, during tests in Norway, averaged close to 40 mpg. It’s driven by an air-cooled Volkswagen engine at up to 40 mph. The one-piece fiber glass body will hold six passengers or four passengers and about 440 lbs. of luggage. Wholesale factory price is expected to be $2,250.

  1. Kosher Ham says: January 16, 201211:46 am

    I would imagine that the inventor of this vehicle did not get the Nobel prize for design did he?

  2. Hirudinea says: January 16, 20125:53 pm

    @ Kosher Ham – I think he got the Ignobel prize.

  3. G. L. Tyrebyter says: January 17, 201212:21 am

    The 60’s brought on so many devices powered by the VW engine. Dune buggies and a one man auto gyro plane come to mind. http://www.kate.aviator…

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