Low-Cost Homemade Car Runs 40 Miles Per Gallon (Jun, 1950)

Low-Cost Homemade Car Runs 40 Miles Per Gallon

With the frame and wheels of a 1934 Ford, a 12-horsepower four-cylinder water-cooled engine, a clutch, transmission and rear end from a junk yard, a former instructor at Dakota Wesleyan University built a unique automobile. The body of the car was made from scrap lumber, covered with hardboard and held together by two boxes of screws. Headlights, tail-lights, radiator grille and windshield were obtained at minimum prices. The hood ornament was the container for an airplane’s loop antenna and a glass dome for the top is from a refrigerator. The builder, Nelson Beck, devoted six weeks’ work and $76.68 to his project which has begun to repay him by running 40 miles to the gallon at an average speed of 55 miles per hour.

  1. Caya says: May 21, 200711:28 am

    WOW. I don’t know much about how cars work but made out of wood?? It sounds like a firetrap to me. And 12 hp!!!

  2. Rick Auricchio says: May 21, 20077:01 pm

    I wonder what happened to the wood in the rain?

    And a collision would be rather spectacular.

  3. daniel says: October 31, 20071:45 pm

    Still, 40mpg in 1950!!

  4. Ron says: April 17, 20089:53 pm

    Aren’t boats made out of wood and don’t they also sit in water? A 40 mpg vehicle in 1950 would have been incredible.

  5. Ed Watt says: April 23, 20089:06 pm

    I am building a car and can not find insurance
    Any suggestions

    Please do reply
    Thank you
    Ed Watt
    Ps a link for a car run on water over ran my first attempt
    to send you a e-mail.

  6. Armiger says: September 25, 20085:54 am

    I built a car from scratch and got it insured through Progressive Direct.
    Here are some videos of the car, as well as some pics;

  7. el vato says: October 3, 200811:17 pm

    i am not sure but i think u can buy a bound i think is how companys insured they vehicle

  8. sample says: July 8, 201110:57 pm

    A lot of cars with repairs needed are just as complicated as it is.

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