Lucky Strikes: forever and ever… (Feb, 1933)

Irony, in ad form.

Lucky Strikes: forever and ever…

  1. Neil Russell says: June 30, 200812:28 pm

    She sees wedding rings, he sees shackles, some things never change. Well except when Lucky Strike green went off to war

  2. Torgo says: June 30, 20085:37 pm

    So it’s toasted?
    I wonder which is deadlier, a Lucky Strike cigarette or a Quizno’s sub?

  3. roid says: July 15, 200810:58 pm

    and I thought it was an infinity symbol (forever and ever)

  4. Anne says: July 16, 20084:13 am

    Infinity looks like an 8 laid on its side, not two letter ‘o’ connected by a line. 🙂

  5. Elliot Bedwin says: July 18, 20087:09 am

    Toasted? That ain’t no tobaccy he be smoking, nosiree. No wonder they be halucinatin’.

  6. Don says: July 18, 20088:43 am

    Hey! He was in Reefer Madness, wasn’t he? I thought he looked familiar . . . .

  7. nlpnt says: August 3, 20086:30 am

    Note the lack of dirty (or any) ashtrays

  8. Drake says: October 25, 20087:48 pm

    Actually lucky strikes used to have a little suprise in them, thus, the lucky strike.

  9. bilbo says: December 13, 20101:22 am

    funny, you image is named camel.

  10. Charlie says: December 13, 20109:09 am

    bilbo: Whoops! Good point.

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