Lucky Tiger Shampoo (Dec, 1936)

He took care of his face but
Every morning after he shaved, he applied skin tonic and gave his face a vigorous massage. He could grow a heavy beard on short notice. But… he neglected his hair.

Dandruff is a menace that must be fought… and whipped, if you would stop excessive hair loss… allay irritation and itching of the scalp… and give your hair a fighting chance.


Apply Lucky Tiger for Hair and Scalp two or three times a week, each time giving your scalp a vigorous massage. Keep it up for a few weeks and then watch results. You’ll be delighted.
Professional applications at Barber Shops. Or get a bottle at your Druggist,

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Lucky Tiger
For Hair and Scalp

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  1. Anne says: April 8, 200810:17 pm

    To me, that looks less like a bald man than a bald WOMAN. With a beard. But the eyebrows and face shape just look really womanly to me.

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