Lunar Suit for Space Explorer (Jan, 1961)

This doesn’t look too practical.

A spaceman could use this suit while exploring the moon – and even rest in it if he’s on a long hike. It is equipped with retractable tripod legs that will hold it up off the ground and a built-in seat that he can curl up on while easing his tired feet.

The suit is made of aluminum, has a circular plastic window and nylon-coated neprene arms and legs. The tank strapped to the back supplies oxygen and contains a cabon-dioxide absorbent. The controls are inside the cylinder along with shelves of food for lengthy trips. Tools the wearer could use would be similar to those lying on the ground. The suit was built by Republic Aviation, weighs 120 pounds, which on the low-gravity moon would be equivealent to 20 on earth.

  1. Al Bear says: January 18, 200811:02 am

    Hey! It’s Bender the robot from Futurama!

  2. huh says: July 14, 20086:05 am

    If that things that bulky, it better have air conditioning, TV, and a portable bathroom.

  3. What Were They Thinking?! | PurpleSlinky says: July 10, 200911:11 am

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