Luxurious Stable on Wheels Speeds Race Horses to Tracks (Oct, 1924)

I think that trailer was nicer than most people’s homes at the time.

Luxurious Stable on Wheels Speeds Race Horses to Tracks

Transporting race horses in railway cars or in ordinary motor trucks always has been attended with anxiety for the owner and more or less discomfort for the animals. To eliminate these difficulties and to save time as-well, a luxurious automobile has been designed. It is a. completely equipped stable on wheels. Cushioned upon a passenger-carrying chassis with shock absorbers, the car develops an average speed of thirty or thirty-five miles an hour and can swing along with ease and safety at fifty. Two horses and a groom besides the chauffeur can be carried in the roomy, electric-lighted interior. There are two stalls, separated by a partition on a pivot to facilitate loading.

The sides are lined with canvas pneumatic pads and the floor covered with a special sanitary cork composition. Space is provided for feed boxes, cleaning implement, hayracks and watering troughs, and water is kept in a tank under the body. The horses are loaded through a wide rear door. They pass up the gradual slope on a ramp that can be hooked to the front or rear doors or taken apart and stored away in the stall. Unloading is done through a forward side door.

  1. Supai says: August 3, 200711:17 am

    I love how, unlike today’s horse trailers, they made it look like a stable on the outside. Because that would really be a comfort to the horses.

  2. Blurgle says: August 3, 20077:52 pm

    I’m still trying to figure out how one person can eat four pounds of potatoes in a day. Even if that were the only food, it seems like a lot.

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