Lycoming Ad: New “ticker” for tanks (Apr, 1953)

First in a series of ads for the Lycoming corporation by Boris Artzybasheff.

New “ticker” for tanks

For a dependable tank “heart” — 500 horsepower’s worth of rugged air-cooled engine—U. S. Army Ordnance looks to Lycoming’s precision production.

Rumbling over rugged terrain . . . crushing enemy obstacles . . . surviving heavy fire—our “G.I.” tanks must have powerful, dependable engines to stay “alive” in combat. That’s why the Army Ordnance Corps relies on Lycoming to turn out air-cooled “tickers” for new-type tanks now in production.

Maybe you need a complete engine, or a single precision part. Maybe you have “only an idea” in the rough or blueprint stage that needs development. Or a metal product that needs precise and speedy fabrication. In any case-look to Lycoming! Lycoming has a long-tested reputation for meeting the most exacting and diverse metal-working requirements, both industrial and military. Whatever your problem—look to Lycoming!

Lycoming’s wealth of creative engineering ability,its 2-1/2 million square feet of floor space, its 6,000-plus machine tools stand ready to serve your needs.

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