MAC PANEL computer tape (Dec, 1961)


MAC Panel Computer Tape is produced under rigidly controlled, scientific conditions to give you assured tape performance. Manufactured for Performance through the use of an improved oxide formulation that insures the presence and retention of the most critical magnetic properties as well as the prime physical characteristics: permanent coating adhesion . . . hard shell toughness . . . and flexibility under all conditions. Tested for Performance using procedures that far exceed the normal criterion for attention to detail. Every element in the new oxide formulation is tested before and after blending . . . every reel of tape produced is subjected to thorough tests which insure the quality of MAC Panel Computer Tape. Packaged for Performance in clean, dust-proof containers hermetically sealed inside a plastic envelope. This entire unit is shipped to-you in a specially designed, shock absorbing package that features a “handy-handle” for carrying convenience. Write for Free Booklet: “MAC Panel Computer Tape . . . Assured Performance.”

MAC PANEL COMPANY ¦ High Point, North Carolina

  1. jayessell says: August 25, 200912:05 pm

    In addition to the Apollo 11 video debacle, there is a room full of tapes from the interplanetary probes with no hardware or softfare to read them.

  2. Firebrand38 says: August 25, 20095:07 pm

    I dunno sounds to me like they’re dealing with it unless you have a different reference?…

  3. Torgo says: August 26, 200910:19 pm

    It’s actually just adhesive tape used for wrapping computers at Christmas.

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