Machine Cooks Flapjacks, Turns, Delivers Them to Plate Automatically (May, 1931)

Machine Cooks Flapjacks, Turns, Delivers Them to Plate Automatically

GRIDDLE cakes are baked automatically in a new machine which functions either upon the mere pressing of a button or the placing of a coin in a slot. It feeds the batter to plates which are electrically heated and kept at a uniform temperature by means of a thermostatic control. The cakes are cooked without grease, turned automatically, and finally deposited on a waiting plate, by means of automatic mechanism driven by a motor. The regulator of the device can be set to cook an order of three cakes, or two, three or four orders of three cakes, or it can be operated continuously. The machine is glass encased, is four feet wide, two feet deep and three feet high, and is being used by drug stores, road stands and self-service restaurants. Engineers are now working on similar devices which will fry or boil eggs and perform other such cooking tasks. In the future housewives will merely have to press buttons.

  1. JediaKyrol says: August 25, 201110:04 am

    If I had one of these…it would be ALL PANCAKES, ALL THE TIME!

  2. Don F says: August 25, 201111:48 am

    But I want WAFFLES!

  3. Hirudinea says: August 25, 20112:06 pm

    1.) Insert Coin

    2.) Open Mouth

    3.) YUM!

  4. Mike says: August 25, 20114:00 pm

    Is this the second or third of this type of device featured on here? I can’t not believe there was that much of a need for pancake automation.

  5. ajricher says: August 25, 20116:56 pm

    There is a certain amount of ease of automation going on here – it is relatively easy to automate pancakes – not so much so with eggs (shells) and waffles (closed irons and proper lubrication, and all…).

    Ditto things like donuts where you are dealing with a uniform product that can be handled as a consistent unit. Hardboiled eggs would be easy to do, ditto scrambled if fed with an extruder with a consistent mixture. Shell eggs cooked? …not so much.


  6. Darren says: August 25, 20117:07 pm

    I love these devices where the sales pitch is the housewife will only have to press buttons in the future. A lot has to be said for a frying pan and a hot plate. Not only can the housewife cook a range of meals with these two items, it costs a lot less and takes up less space. If the average machine is 4 foot wide and you want to eat 10 different foods, your kitchen needs to be 40 foot wide. Not to mention the cost of each machine and the maintenance and repair bills of all those motors. Give me a frying pan, hot plate and a sexy housewife any day.

  7. TomLR says: August 25, 20119:27 pm

    This photo reminds me of a book I bought as a boy.…

  8. Charlene says: August 25, 201111:34 pm

    @Darren Or you could just do your own cooking.

  9. Stephen says: August 26, 20115:54 am

    Compare this with the next article, and imagine what Maillardet or Jacquet-Droz might have come up with if they’d decided to make a cooking automaton!

  10. Stephen Edwards says: August 29, 20113:17 pm

    “In the future housewives will merely have to press buttons.”

    Er, who’s going to clean this thing?

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