Machine Gun Fires Rocket Bullets (Jul, 1934)

Machine Gun Fires Rocket Bullets

A MACHINE gun hardly heavier than an air rifle, yet capable of firing 700 shots a minute with almost no recoil and no possibility of overheating, was recently ‘announced by its inventor, Clyde Farrell of San Francisco.

Special bullets receive only an initial impetus from the firing pin, and generate their own energy in flight, just as do rockets. All remaining energy is released when contact is made with the target.

Bullets joined together with aluminum wire feed from an endless chain in the regulation machine gun manner.

The complete gun weighs only three and a half pounds. Models have already been tested, and are now at Washington to meet final patent requirements.

  1. Neil Russell says: July 12, 201110:28 am

    30 years before the GyroJet, has anyone found any other info about Mr Farrell’s rocket gun?

  2. Hirudinea says: July 12, 201110:46 am

    Rocket guns have never taken off.

  3. jayessell says: July 12, 201112:06 pm

    It will probably be re-invented in the 21st century except with
    microprocessors in the ammunition.

    They’d be guided by the gun using the
    face detection now used in digital cameras.

  4. John says: July 12, 201112:57 pm

    jayessell » You mean like Gene Simmons in the movie Runaway?

  5. Toronto says: July 12, 20111:10 pm

    John: I think they did that in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” first.

  6. John says: July 12, 20111:23 pm

    Toronto » Nope, Runaway is from 1984 WFRR is from 1988.

    To be fair though, Ricochet Rabbit was using “sneaky bullets” in 1964.

  7. Jayessell says: July 12, 20112:49 pm

    Like Runaway but not as slow.
    Are the blaster bolts doing 45mph in the Star Wars movies?

    There ARE explosive bullets that detonate after so many microseconds
    so they pass through plywood and explode in the center of a room.
    The rangefinder in the rifle programs the timer.

    I think it would be possible to have some kind of aim-assist in the gun.
    Compressed gas thrusters at the muzzle to stay on the selected target(s).

  8. John says: July 12, 20113:03 pm

    Jayessell » What rifle is that?

  9. carlm says: July 13, 201112:19 am

    While rocket bullets have been around for a while, they never came into use due to one major flaw. They take a while to reach full velocity. At close range, the bullets have the impact of a pea shooter. A regular bullet has its maximum velocity at the instant it leaves the barrel.

  10. jayessell says: July 13, 201110:57 am

    Re #8



    Larger than a rifle actually. 2 man machine gun?

  11. John says: July 13, 201111:05 am

    jayessell » Yeah, not really a rifle. Pretty impressive though.

  12. Charlie says: July 13, 20113:56 pm

    Jayessel, John: the XM-25 is a one man rifle that has programmable delay explosive rounds:…

    Well, technically it’s a grenade launcher, but it looks like a rifle.

  13. John says: July 13, 20115:09 pm

    Charlie » Yeah, apart from the not being a rifle thing (as you stated :)) it programs for airbursts not penetrating anything and exploding a set distance behind it.

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