Machine Knits Socks by the Yard (Jul, 1934)

Machine Knits Socks by the Yard

SOCKS by the yard for the English foot are being turned out by a new machine whose finished product is not unlike a length of link sausage.

Speedy in operation, the knitting machine turns out the hose in a continuous length. The socks only require cutting apart before being packaged and put on the market.

  1. KD5ZS says: March 30, 201010:05 am

    So that’s why socks are known as hose?

  2. Jari says: March 30, 201010:13 am

    Reminds me of an old Donald Duck comic, where his job was to press a button on a sock knitting machine every time, when a sock was at right length in order to cut it. And of course during a night shift, he fell asleep. The result was the longest sock in Duckburgs history.

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