Machine Sells Cigarettes In Home (Aug, 1935)

This is a really odd marketing idea, then again, it would be a lot easier to target minors at home.

Machine Sells Cigarettes In Home
COIN-IN-THE-SLOT cigarette vending machines built into attractive pieces of furniture are now being placed in American homes. Already twenty thousand of these venders, built into magazine stands and end tables of six different models, have been distributed to home owners.
Machines vending other articles are now being planned. It is intended to make the furniture pieces so attractive that housewives will welcome their placing in the home. Machines are refilled regularly and money collected by agents of the manufacturer.

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  1. ganmerlad says: March 21, 200910:21 am

    This idea became defunct after several vending machine agents were shot after attempting to refill the machines at odd hours.

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