Machine Speeds Bond Signing (Nov, 1929)

Machine Speeds Bond Signing

A DEVICE is pictured above that enables H. Wallace Caldwell, president of the Chicago school board, to operate twenty fountain pens making a score of signatures at a time in authorizing bonds totaling $40,725,000.

  1. Nobama says: October 21, 20087:30 pm

    Next invention was a Chicago voting machine, by which one dead illegal alien could cast 20 votes 😉

  2. Mike says: October 21, 20087:59 pm

    What could possible go wrong?

  3. docca says: October 21, 200810:07 pm

    “Let me see… hmm… almost done…. DAMN! Don’t startle me like that!”

    and there goes 40 million bucks.

  4. Charlie says: October 22, 200812:39 pm

    Nobama: More recently used in Ohio by the RNC to cage black voters. The Republicans seem to be singularly gifted at projection.

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