Machine “Talks” to Blind and Deaf (Sep, 1950)

Machine “Talks” to Blind and Deaf

An ingenious new aid, the Electro-Braille Communicator, makes it possible for the first time for anyone to “talk” with a person who is totally blind and deaf. You just tap out a message on its keyboard, arranged in standard typewriter sequence. Six moving pins in a small receiver instantly translate each letter into the corresponding raised character of the Braille alphabet. By holding a finger on the receiver, the “listener” reads the words. If he is able to speak normally, he can thus carry on a conversation. Others can signify, at least, that they have understood a message.

Portable, the five-pound communicator is powered by three flashlight cells. It has been developed by J. O. Kleber, research engineer of the American Foundation for the Blind, New York City. The Foundation plans to have the machines manufactured, and to sell them at cost (expected to be $35 or less) to aid the blind and deaf.

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  1. rachid says: May 12, 20097:04 pm

    Is there a new version of this for the 21 century? I have a brother who lives in France. He is blind and deaf…yet, thanks to God, very bright. He has a master degree in Law from a French University. He has the tellatouch machine…but he asked me to do some research to find out if there is something more cutting edge out there in the market than the tellatouch for someone who is blind and deaf…yet smart and technologically up to date. Thank you in advance for your response. Rachid

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