Machine Vends Roasted Coffee (Sep, 1949)

Machine Vends Roasted Coffee

When you get your coffee out of this machine, you’re sure it’s fresh—roasted right before your eyes while you wait. The Infra Roast holds 150 pounds of green coffee and dispenses it, freshly roasted, at the rate of a pound a minute. The coffee goes first into a cylinder oven (see sketch at right above). There it is roasted by heat from infrared lamps controlled by a photoelectric unit that judges when it’s done by how much radiation the beans reflect (PS, Nov. ’46, p. 214). It next falls into a cooling chamber and then into a hopper. As needed, it is blown up and across the top where the chaff is removed. Scales then measure out an even pound into a bag.

  1. fluffy says: March 16, 200812:59 pm

    Incidentally, home-roasting of coffee is making a big comeback, ever since someone discovered that many $10 hot-air popcorn poppers could also be used for coffee roasting.…

  2. KA Turner says: March 16, 20088:25 pm

    Well I am waiting for a machine that not so much roasts the coffee but grinds it and makes it into regular coffee instantaneously. The only thing is you have to wait for the concoction to come from the machine (5min if doing the auto drip). Still it would beat the heck of the instant coffee dispensers which served only Homer Formby stain for those needing their fix of caffeine.

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