Machine Vends Single Cigarettes (Jun, 1933)

Machine Vends Single Cigarettes
AN EASILY operated vending machine which sells one cigarette at a time and yet complies with the laws has been marketed for use in public places. The fags are sold directly from the flat tins of fifty, and are made accessible to the buyer by the insertion of a penny in a slot.

  1. David Worth says: February 11, 20084:43 pm

    It’s interesting to see the use of the word ‘fags’ in this item. So far as I knew, the word ‘fag’ being used as a slang term for cigarette was a purely British peculiarity. Does this imply that ‘fag’ was also used over in the US as well up until the 1930’s? If so, when did it fall out of use, also, who invented that usage, us Brits who still use the word, or you lot over there?

  2. jmyint says: February 11, 20085:18 pm

    Well a fagot was a bundle of small sticks used to start a fire from vulgarization of fasces. Sometimes the individual sticks were called fags. Cigarettes picked up the name by resemblance to a burning stick. In the US the term fag for cigarette began loosing favor after the 1920’s and by the end of WW2 fell almost completely out of use.

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