Magic Vapor (Jan, 1932)

Magic Vapor


Moonlight Fragrance

Earns $60 Weekly for Agents

Women buy this new and beautiful product on sight—nothing like it— brings the breath of spring flowers Into every room—freshens and rejuvenates. Moonlight fragrance is not a perfume but the magical product of modern science. Sells wherever electric lights are used—repeats automatically. Retails at only $1—sells as fast as a ten-cent item. Extra profits to high-grade agents who write NOW.

Illidela Corporation, Dept. 20, 2407 N. Crawford Ave., Chicago, III.

  1. rick s. says: April 14, 20103:51 pm

    $60 per week doesn’t sound like much to us but according to the consumer price index it translates into about $940 in today’s bucks. Not too bad for a week’s work.

  2. jayessell says: April 14, 20107:02 pm


    Considering it was The Depression.

    Say… is this ad from a magazine for/by African-Americans?

  3. Firebrand38 says: April 14, 20107:50 pm

    jay, it’s from Modern Mechanics magazine from 1932 so the answer would be no.

  4. jayessell says: April 15, 20107:11 am


    The substitute cover….

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