Maginot Tower (Jan, 1935)

It seems like they didn’t quite understand that the planes were the important part, not the tower.

TO GET defense aircraft into action more quickly, architects of Paris have worked out plans for a huge aerodrome tower, more than a mile in height, which will literally hurl planes, into the air at the 5000-ft. level, ready for combat.
High-speed elevators would bring planes from the roof-top-level landing field up to each of the three aerodrome platforms. Swooping downward after leaving the inclined take-off platform, planes would reach flying speed with little loss of altitude.

  1. darren says: December 12, 201010:47 pm

    Bomb the base of the tower to destroy all planes + cause other damage.

    Redirect the money into R&D (rather than building one ugly building) to get planes in air quicker. Use can then use newer planes everywhere rather than one ugly tower in one place.

    This can only be used at the start of a battle when planes are fuelled and ready for take-off. After plane have taken off then need to land and refuel. Therefore they need a landing strip near the tower. Then they will take off normally without using the tower.

    ‘Armored bomb proof roof’ – hehe. Something for the engineers to work out. Maybe they can use the same stuff to make the planes.

  2. Jari says: December 13, 201010:35 am

    darren: Yep, that tower is a kooky solution for reducing a time needed for a plane to climb in fighting altitude.

    About bombing the base of the tower and a bomb proof roof: That’s for 30’s bombs. Just a few meters of reinforced concrete ought to be enough. (With a help of good AA batteries)… Grand Slam nor it’s predecessor Tall Boy didn’t exist yet.

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