Magnetic Light Bulbs Leap Into Sockets (Dec, 1955)

Magnetic Light Bulbs Leap Into Sockets
Five turns are required to fit an ordinary light bulb into its socket, and five more turns are required to remove it. But now a new bulb with a magnetic base that virtually jumps into place has been developed to eliminate all this twisting. The socket contains a permanent magnet, and the base of the bulb is a metal plate which is attracted to it. No current is needed to energize the magnet. The bulb is expected to be useful in maintenance of large buildings, where a number of bulbs must be changed each day. For example, the Pentagon, the world’s largest office building, is illuminated by 68,000 fixtures, and 1200 of these bulbs must be replaced each day. Manpower savings also could be effected in maintaining theater marquees.

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  1. Ligu says: November 4, 20115:31 pm

    Prior art for Apple’s “MagSafe” connector.

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