EVERY time Urey Edger of Louisville, Ky., washed his face he got n trouble. Not bad trouble—nobody was killed or clapped behind bars. But trouble enough to make him squeeze up his face tight, hop blindly around the washbasin and holler for a towel, to wipe that stinging soap out of his eyes.

Urey noticed a messy jelly in his soap dish and thought that some of his soft-soap goo might be smearing into his eyes and causing his face-washing woe.

“Eliminate the soap jelly,” he reasoned, “and I won’t get soap in my eyes.”

He was tired, too, of groping about the bathroom for a missing bar of soap, then slipping on it in the shower. He made up his mind he would figure out a way to park his soap high and dry.

After tinkering with the idea in his workshop, he set up a grooved magnetic holder on the wall to grip the ball-headed, notched pin stuck in the soap. Not only does the soap hang where it’s handy but it dries quickly in the air without jellying and so saves 40 to 60 per cent on each bar.

For getting soap in his eyes once too often, Urey is reaping a fine reward— $50 for February’s neatest gadget and a brand-new soap-holding business.

  1. Githyanki says: February 21, 20085:36 am

    This is a fairly neat idea. Too bad a slotted soap dish is much simpler.

  2. Stannous says: February 21, 20088:30 am

    Odd logic though- that congealed soap from the dish is responsible for him
    not closing his eyes tightly enough while washing.

  3. Myles says: February 21, 200811:52 am

    I use a V shaped container that has an open bottom and is attatched to the shower wall. Works great, but you do have to clean the soap scum off it.

  4. Mike Brisendine says: February 21, 20086:36 pm

    I agree with Githyanki. I buy a new one every so often at the dollar store. Works great.

  5. Latente says: February 22, 20089:05 am

    🙂 i still have one of this:

  6. DrMeglet says: February 22, 20086:18 pm

    I saw a magnetic soap holder featured on one of those TV shows about “fabulous new house technology that we adore” about 4 years ago. Nice to see it isn’t so new.

  7. Jo says: April 14, 20099:04 am

    Where can I buy one now? My grandmother had one and Imperial Leather always stuck to it. Is the sticker still magnetic?

  8. BraveBlueRx says: May 31, 20093:13 am

    I just received a few of them from overseas, and have a couple on ebay.…

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