Make sure of this year’s SAVINGS (Feb, 1931)

Make sure of this year’s SAVINGS

START this year gloriously— and economically! Put new pride in your kitchen and more dollars in the bank. Cut living costs and guard family health—-with a thrifty all-steel General Electric Refrigerator. Born of 15 years’ tireless research, the General Electric offers every advantage of electrical refrigeration. Food is kept safe and appetizing in crisp, dry cold constantly below 50°.

A host of tasty low-cost dishes crowd your menus. You can enjoy the advantages of quantity purchasing — save many tiring trips to market and have a well-stocked larder all the time.

Barricaded behind sturdy walls of steel -— hermetically sealed in the distinctive Monitor Top—General Electric’s carefree refrigerating unit glides quietly in a perpetual supply of oil. Aided by natural laws its smaller motor consumes less current. General Electric cabinets are all-steel, porcelain-lined — durable and easy to clean. Prices are reasonable — down payment modest and terms liberal. It takes a big income to afford the waste of inadequate refrigeration. Don’t go through another year without the proved convenience and economy of a General Electric.


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  1. Stephen says: September 3, 20136:00 am

    I believe the “monitor top” units used sulphur dioxide as a refrigerant. Robert Crumb had one. It is dangerous now to dispose of them.

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