Makes Own False Teeth of Stainless Steel (Oct, 1937)

This guy really should be inducted into the Maker hall of fame. If that doesn’t exist, they should create one. Just for him.

Makes Own False Teeth of Stainless Steel

From stainless steel, a Wilmington, Calif., carpenter has made himself a complete set of unbreakable artificial teeth. Buying a block of the alloy, he shaped each tooth individually with the aid of a hack saw and file. Then he vulcanized them into a homemade mounting of rubber, obtaining the material from a dental-supply house and making his own mouth impressions with paraffin. For molding purposes he employed plaster of Paris in electric outlet boxes.

  1. harness says: December 6, 20063:51 pm

    Too much time on his hands.

  2. Charlie says: December 6, 20064:19 pm

    And not enough teeth in his head.

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  4. Bob_McBob says: December 7, 20061:14 pm

    Hannibal Lecter comes to mind…

  5. Afrikaans, Kuier Saam in Afrikaans says: December 7, 20069:55 pm
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  9. sandi says: July 10, 20087:00 pm

    i think he is a genius. gosh give him some credit here. ive had nothing but problems with mind an they cost a fortune. i think GOD gave him great knowledge. ya never know what he will invent next. wonder what he uses to brush his teeth with. maybe some teeth oil would be good. i give him a 10 plus star!!

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  11. Sebastian says: May 22, 200910:59 pm

    First four comments, obviously from people who have not had the trouble the rest of us mortals face; the outrageous prices of any and all dental procedures. I’m trying to find more on his techniques to make MY Own set of false teeth to replace the ones in my own mouth that are giving me problems. Even with insurance, most dentists will try to bleed out every bit that the insurance covers so that they can then ask you to pay these huge prices for crowns and anything else you might need. This is just a result of the heartlessness of the dental industry; of their greed and lack of empathy for the American laborer.

  12. Lisa says: January 30, 201010:10 pm

    dang, this is what happens when the cost of dental care is skyrocketed and no one can afford it!

  13. Katie says: February 4, 20102:06 am

    impressive i wouldnt mind a set of those teeth if mine fell out… but id need them painted pink with a plastic coating over them

  14. jeff says: April 5, 20114:39 pm

    I made my implants and installed them. they are silver, and attached to my jawbone.

  15. Regina Swopes says: April 8, 201112:57 pm

    I wish I were so crazy. Is he single?

  16. Regina Swopes says: April 8, 20111:00 pm

    I just noticed the year, 1937? I guess the good really do die before you can get them.

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