MAKING HOME TASKS a Pleasure (Jun, 1934)

It’s a scale with legs, weighing itself. How very meta.

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Below and Right, a Dust-Proof Ash Receiver for Furnaces and Home Heating Plants; This Metal Container Prevents Dust and Dirt from Escaping and Settling over the Basement; Note How the Door Is Opened by a Foot Pedal, Thus Leaving Both Hands Free to Wield the Shovel.

Combination Cupboard and Dining-Room Table Which Can Be Converted from One to the Other without Moving the Dishes; Simple Locking Devices Hold It Rigid in Either Position.

Above, Jar and Bottle-Top Opener Attached to Underside of Shelf; Top Is Wedged between Knurled Stud and Side of Groove.

Coil Cord for the Electric Iron Which Stretches to Nine Feet; It Can also Be Used to Advantage on the Electric Toaster, Percolator or Room Heater; the Cord Is Always Out of the Way.

Above, Compact Bathroom Scale No Larger Than a Book and Weighing only Five Pounds; Right, Mixing Fork with Prongs Like Knife Blades for Chopping Fruits and Vegetables, Cutting Noodles and General Kitchen Use; Cutting Edges Are Along the Bottoms of the Prongs.

Left, Steel Combs Clean the Bristles of This Carpet Sweeper and the Brush Cleans the Combs When Direction Is Reversed; Right, Ice Box with Hopper-Type Ice Chamber and an Air-Circulation System Which Allows User to Control Temperature by Varying Quantity of Air Flowing around a Fixed Area of Exposed Ice.

Above, Electrical Appliance Cord on an Automatic Reel; When Not in Use, It Is Disconnected, Given a Gentle Pull and Rolls Up and Disappears in the Wall.

  1. Sean says: December 9, 20115:20 am

    It was a better time when a man wore a bow tie and vest to clean out his furnace.

  2. Toronto says: December 9, 20116:22 am

    The retractable appliance cord assumes the female ends of the cords are all the same: they never were. We used to store the cords folded in old napkin rings with the appliance name on them, just to keep them organized. Electric skillet, waffle iron, coffee pot, kettle, mixer – all different.

  3. Jari says: December 9, 201111:01 am

    Only things with coiling cords these days seems to be electric razors.

  4. M.S.W. says: December 9, 201111:03 am

    Wonder if they still make that Combination Cupboard and Dining-Room Table. Be handy in small homes.

  5. Andrew L. Ayers says: December 10, 201112:52 am

    I wonder if the mixing fork (with cutting edges on the bottom of prongs) ever got mixed up with the regular forks? It would certainly make for an exciting holiday dinner!

  6. PoppyJoe says: December 10, 20116:52 am

    Some good ideas… but really, making housework a pleasure? A bit less odious at best!

  7. Kosher Ham says: December 10, 20111:44 pm

    What they really needed was domestic help!

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