Making HOME TASKS a PLEASURE (Jun, 1935)

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Hassock with Rounded Pillow Which Serves as an Arm, or Back Rest, and Book Holder Consisting of Chromium-Plated Scroll Spring; When Book Is Removed, Spring Comes Forward to Hold Remaining Volumes.

Left, Venetian Blind Brush with Adjustable Wool Fingers Which Fit between Slats; It Can Be Washed; Right, Thermometer Which Tells When Roast Is Rare, Medium or Well Done; It Is “Cooked” with the Meat”.

Waterproof Shampoo Shade Which Keeps Soap and Water Out of the Eyes While Washing Hair; It Stretches to Fit Any Head.

Left, Fruit-Jar Cap Sealer Which Straightens Flange of Lid When Sealing; It Is an Octagon Shell with Four Beveled Rollers.

Chest of Drawers with a Desk Section and a Sliding Writing Panel Board Concealed in the Top; the Desk Is Exposed by Lifting the Top, but When Closed, the Top Is Flat and the Desk Is Hidden; Left, Baby Basket with Two Handles Which Fold over Each Other, Keeping the Baby Upright but Preventing It from Climbing or Falling Out.

Left, Porous Rubber Mop for Sweeping or Scrubbing; Folding Hinged Clamps Make It Possible to Wring Mop without Getting Hands Wet; Above, Tank for Emptying Vacuum Cleaner Bag; Bag Is Connected to Tank and Electric Sweeper Is Turned on to Empty; Sweepings Go into Special Container and Are Burned; Current of Air Passes through Receiving Bag and Is Forced through Filter and Out through Holes in Top.

  1. Blurgle says: April 19, 200812:20 am

    A lot of these things (the mop, the venetian blinds cleaner, the book holder, and the canning jar closer) are still made to this day.

    That baby basket looks like it could strangle the child.

  2. Benzene says: April 19, 20088:23 am

    The basket’s arrangement really only works if the baby’s awake and feels like sitting up and sitting reasonably still. If he’s starting to stand up, he’ll have that basket on its side and be under the clothing racks in no time. If he falls asleep, I can only hope he doesn’t slump forward.

  3. Erica says: April 19, 20086:32 pm

    While these are clever, I don’t see how they could make home tasks a pleasure. Who looks forward to dusting their blinds, no matter how easy it is?

    It also strains plausibility to consider sitting on a hassock a home task… “Jane, dear, finish your chores! Somebody has to lounge on that pillow, and I’m busy looking at the meat thermometer!”

  4. Blurgle says: April 19, 20086:32 pm

    The meat thermometer is made by Taylor, which still makes meat thermometers. They also use the same trademark on the thermometers meant for indoor use.

  5. Cole says: July 19, 20085:57 am

    I really like the book holder!

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