What is he planning on doing with that finger?


As Revealed by New World Teacher Yogi Alpha, internationally known Psychologist and Philosopher and acclaimed New World Teacher, is bringing Health, Happiness and Financial Success to Thousands by his Startling Revelations that:

—it is easier to succeed than it is to fail.

—hard work will never bring you success. It is far easier to progress and realize your wishes when you don’t use a great deal of conscious effort. —there is an Inner Power within everyone so dynamic and forceful that it can carry you on to complete happiness, health and financial success almost over night.

—a correct understanding of this Inner Power can bring you a more perfect and beautiful body, and give you an attractive and magnetic personality.

—all of the great teachers and prophets of the past have consciously or unconsciously used a strange power within themselves to aid them in their wonderful works and so-called miracles.

—a correct understanding of this mighty power can enable you to duplicate the feats of any great teacher that has ever lived.

—the world itself, and all of the laws of the universe, depend upon Mind for their existence, and a proper understanding of the laws of Mind will enable any individual to create the things he needs or wishes.

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The story of a new and revolutionary teaching which reveals a strange inner power so dynamic and forceful that it can carry man to complete happiness, health and financial success almost overnight is told in a remarkable 5000-word Lecture “Key to Your Inner Power —the Seven Steps to Success”—recently compiled by Yogi Alpha, Internationally known psychologist and philosopher.

He tells of his discovery that all the laws of the universe can be controlled because the laws themselves depend upon the great universal mind for their existence; that every mind is part of this universal mind, and if you learn to use this dynamic energy it can bring complete fulfillment of your most cherished ambitions, WITHOUT PHYSICAL EFFORT.

Yogi Alpha further believes that this power is not limited to a fortunate few, but is latent in every human being, regardless of training, education or environment. This secret Key is so simple to understand and apply that it is amazing no one has found it before.

If you have wondered why many dream of success and happiness, without fulfillment, why they struggle and toil through the deadly monotony of daily grind for the few who seem to get ALL the good things of life, you will receive the answer in “Key to Your Inner Power.” And, if YOU have had visions of wonderful achievement, glimpses of riches you could almost reach, he will show you that these visions are PROOF that they are possible for you to attain; that they are part of your INNER POWER that can be quickly tapped if you are given the KEY.

The author offers for a limited time to send this amazing Lecture FREE of cost or obligation to all sincere readers of Modern Mechanix and Inventions magazine who wish to begin life ANEW. It explains how you may receive this new and revolutionary teaching in the privacy of your own home, and reveals the astounding secret, which mastered, may enable you within the next few months to increase your earning power, attract new friends and make your visions of achievement, health and happiness come true.

Mail the coupon TODAY for your free copy of this unusual Lecture which may unlock the reservoir of vast riches within YOU.

Read What Others Say of New Found Health, Happiness and Success “I now know greater peace of mind, more assurance, greater faith in myself. Through the wisdom and enlightenment of the Lessons, I am envisioning a vista, never before experienced, of security and a sense of power.” F. A. C, Los Angeles.

“Am in much better health and mind and throwing off the burden I have been carrying.” Maj. M. B., Los Angeles.

“I saw a marvelous change in the fourth day, and I received a job that morning.” C. B., San Francisco.

  1. Roflcopter says: February 19, 20084:46 am

    Yogi Alpha, the mentor of Spinx, the mystery Advisor of the Mystery Men 😉

    “To learn my teachings, I must first teach you how to learn. ”
    “You must lash out with every limb, like the octopus who plays the drums. ”
    “He who questions training only trains himself at asking questions. ”
    “You must be like wolf pack, not six-pack. ”
    “When you care what is outside, what is inside cares for you.”

  2. Tim Giachetti says: February 19, 20087:03 am

    “And now, a man with a tape recorder up his nose.”
    All I could think of was the skit from Monty Python. 😀

  3. Randy says: February 19, 20089:12 am

    Wonder if he’s going to touch my strange inner power with his finger? Yikes.

  4. Blurgle says: February 19, 200810:31 am

    “My strange inner power, I left it on the top shelf. Can you get it for me?”

    Oh this is rich! I Googled “Yogi Alpha” and got a list of computers at the NSA. Apparently he still has strange inner powers!

  5. Stannous says: February 19, 20085:27 pm

    Even yogis need proctology exams at least once a year after age 50.

  6. Helen says: May 18, 20081:01 pm

    Alpha Yogi was my grandfather, so I’d appreciate it if you’d all cut out the rude comments. He was truly ahead of his time in his day.

  7. Tessa Maria says: March 10, 20113:50 am

    Mr. Yogi Alpha..i am interested to read about the Key to your Inner Power and the seven steps to success…I have been struggling all my life and i really want to experience how it feels to be worry free especially in my finances and my future..

  8. MORDECHAI says: August 21, 20118:53 am

    mr,yogi alpha i am intrested to read about the key to your inner power and the seven steps to success,thanks

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