Man Who Conceived NRA Invents Locking Bottle Top (Nov, 1936)

Man Who Conceived NRA Invents Locking Bottle Top

A BOTTLE stopper which can be locked into the neck of the container is the newest creation of Frank E. Vanderhoof, Greenwich, Connecticut, inventor and father of the NRA. The “locking cork” was designed especially for use on bottles containing poisonous liquids so that contents could not be accidentally swallowed. The locking mechanism of the stopper consists of a pair of steel ball bearings which lock against the inside of the bottle when the key is turned. Once locked it is impossible for anyone to remove the cork without breaking the bottle. In size the locking closure is no larger than the ordinary stopper.

  1. Firebrand38 says: April 14, 20083:25 am

    Father of the National Recovery Administration that is, http://www.ourdocuments…

    Here is a 1933 short film starring Jimmy Durante promoting the NRA…

    The Supreme Court found Vanderhoof’s “baby” unconstitutional in 1935.

    He had managed to patent his bottle stopper…

  2. Firebrand38 says: April 14, 200812:06 pm

    And yeah, in the Durante film, that’s a very ccleaned up Moe Howard from the 3 Stooges as the rat catcher.

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