Manhattan Cocktail (May, 1934)

Manhattan Cocktail

At the fashionable places today, the Manhattan cocktail is again the correct aperitif, just as it was in the days of Martin’s, Sherry’s and the old Beaux Arts when it was made with authentic Spring Garden Rye. Aging for you through all the slow years in charred white oak barrels, this fine whiskey now comes to you in a mellow blend which has taken on added character and distinction.


52 William St., New York

1 part Italian Vermouth
3 parts Spring Garden Rye
Shake, strain and add Cherry

Back through the generations, the name of Spring Garden has been known and highly cherished among Rye whiskies. And now its fine flavor and quality come to you in a rich blend eminently worth its price

“Mine Host’s Handbook,” 32 pages of information about the use, traditions, and service of fine spirits, with time-honored recipes. Send 10c to Room 1225, Penn-Maryland Company, Inc., 52 William Street, New York Always ask to see the bottle and look for this emblem. It signifies that the whiskey on which it appears has its quality and purity safeguarded from the distillery to you by one watchful ownership

This advertisement is not intended to offer alcoholic beverages for sale or delivery in any state or community wherein the sale or use thereof is unlawful

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