Manicure Fad for Bridge Players (May, 1931)

Manicure Fad for Bridge Players
AND now comes the bridge manicure — the latest bright idea which adds to the fun of the game for bridge addicts! In this fad, to have your nails properly manicured for a bridge game you must have a heart, a diamond, a spade and a club enameled on each finger nail, and a question mark on the thumbnail for no-trumps. The photo at the right shows Miss Martha Zamm of Los Angeles, originator of the fad, with fingers properly decorated for a game. Symbols are painted in black on the nails.

  1. Tom says: August 10, 20118:46 am

    And all this time I thought it was the brainchild of the hip hop girls of the 90’s; shows what I know about manicures. Yeah I have fingernail clippers, that’s it for my nail grooming.

  2. Charlene says: August 10, 20119:25 am

    Well, Tom, you’re probably judged more on your character, how you treat others, and the quality of your work than on the minute details of your superficial appearance. I wish we all were.

  3. GaryM says: August 10, 20119:51 am

    “No, I wasn’t giving you the finger, I was bidding one heart!”

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