This modern version of the old-time huckster who hawked his farm produce from door to door has been put in operation by Morton Salter in Los Angeles residential streets. The traveling grocery store is a converted bus with all the fittings of a busy, modern market, and follows a regular route.

  1. Myles says: February 14, 200811:13 am

    This is such an expensive delivery system serving probably one or two customers at a time that its failure was fairly predictable.

  2. Neil Russell says: February 14, 20082:38 pm

    Seems to be similar to the Schwan’s delivery business, I always wondered how they made a profit, particularly way out here in the middle of nowhere!

  3. Max says: February 14, 20083:33 pm

    Morton Salter?! What a great name!

  4. Emmi says: February 18, 20089:38 am

    This has biin in common use until the 1980’s in Finland. Often people live in such rural areas that “kauppa-auto” – a market bus – was much needed.

  5. Manyang says: February 20, 200812:11 am

    In the Netherlands those things are still active. According to this video (in Dutch) there are still 400 to 450 of those things driving around to this day.…
    (click the “bekijk video” link next to the picture)

    The CDA (currently the largest political party in Holland) wants to expand on that also expand the offerings with cd’s and books.
    in case you’re wondering, the people that are subbed speak in a strong dialect.

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