MARVEL Mystery Oil (Feb, 1952)

I’m not really sure what they’re trying to say in this ad… I think it’s either: “Marvel Oil will blow up your car”, or “Marvel oil is made of atomic bombs”.

MARVEL Mystery Oil

More than 30 years of scientific research have gone into Marvel Mystery Oil, to meet the lubrication demands of today’s high – compression engines. Use in crankcase, gas tank, or top cylinder oiler… the ideal cure for hydraulic valve trouble.
See your dealer or write: EMEROL MANUFACTURING CO., INC.,
Depl 234, 242 West 69th St., New York 23. New York

  1. Anonymous says: August 9, 20061:26 pm

    i usually buy mmo at walmart . i was told recently that it was recalled for quality control. also at walmart you have to be 18 years old to buy marvel mystery oil . whats the deal? jd—-

  2. Marc says: August 25, 20068:26 am

    Don’t know about the 18 years old rule. Sounds odd. An 18 year old can buy motor oil right?
    The product was not recalled for quality. It was recalled to add the mandatory EPA statment label that this product (and just about every other additive on the shelves) did not meet 2007 EPA Ultra Low Sulfur requirements for use in diesel vehicles 2007 and newer.
    Thanks for your continued use of Marvel. I assure you we have had no quality issues with Marvel Mystery Oil resulting in a recall. Only the re-labeling effort.
    Marc Okicich
    Marvel Mystery Oil

  3. Don says: January 18, 20088:16 am

    I have a 1949 Willys Jeepster with 4 cylinder L head engine. The engine runs well but I am getting some “blow by”. Will MMO help reduce the Blow Bye”? What would be the recomended amounts of MMO to add to the fuel and the oil ?

  4. Jason says: October 13, 20089:25 pm

    How does marvel mystery oil work?

  5. JMyint says: October 13, 200810:22 pm

    We used Mavel Mystery Oil to lubricate parts in photographic printers. It’s pretty good at staying where you put it.

  6. Mervin L. Aubrey says: January 17, 20096:53 am


    Dear Sir

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    And if you have a any clarifications please let me know,

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  7. Justin says: May 22, 20109:10 am

    Marvel Mystery Oil is a great product! The recommended amount to put in as a fuel additive is 4 oz. per 10 gallons of gas. Diesels (pre-2007) can use 6 oz. per 10 gallons of gas.

    You can also replace 20 – 25% of your engine oil with MMO at your next oil change.

    Check out this YouTube video on how MMO works in the fuel and your engine’s oil.

    This product cures so many engine ailments, its a marvelous mystery! From rough starts to engine ticks and taps – your engine will love the MMO – and reward you with great performance!

  8. Justin says: May 22, 20109:12 am

    Here is the YouTube link:…

    Also, 2007 and newer Diesel engines require a low sulfur content, and regular formula MMO does not comply with the requirements. Marvel makes a product for these engine types as well.

  9. Firebrand38 says: May 22, 20103:03 pm

    Justin: Sorry to interrupt your commercial for MMO, but allow me to let some facts intrude…

    I mean, come on! “its a marvelous mystery!” is laying it on a little too thick.

    I’ll bet when you see one of those maps in the mall with an arrow that says “YOU ARE HERE”, you ask yourself, “How did they know that?”

  10. Tony Hernandez says: July 3, 20113:50 am

    We are a distributor of automotive tools and I have personally experienced how good marvel mystery oil works on air tools. We had dual action sander that was just blowing air when you would press the trigger. We poured some MMO into the air inlet and when we connected the air the sander started turning slowly and as we add more MMO it starting increasing the rpm to the point that it sounded as good as new! MMO does work.

    Tony Hernandez

  11. jayessell says: July 3, 20115:41 am

    And nothing promotes your product in a print ad better than a mushroom cloud.

  12. John says: July 3, 20118:22 am

    jayessell ยป In 1952 America you’re damn right there was nothing better. I look back at open air nuclear tests as being incredibly naive as to the results of fallout but back then it was an indicator of national strength and resolve.
    Context at the time, my man, context at the time.

    Showing a mushroom cloud in the background is nothing. Look at this essay with examples of “Atomic” advertising…

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