Mask Heats Face (Apr, 1948)

Mask Heats Face

With this electric mask you can relax while heat therapy is applied to your face. A product of Progressive Enterprises, of Los Angeles, the mask is intended to relieve sinus pain, and for use where heat is prescribed for head colds, facial neuralgia, and migraine headaches. Made to fit the contours of the face, it weighs only two ounces. Heat is controlled and may be localized to any desired area of the face.

  1. Stannous says: October 16, 20073:56 pm

    The “Relax ‘n Rob’ (patent pending)

  2. alyse kelly says: November 29, 20086:54 pm

    Would like to have one of these! PLEASE let me know if any are available on today’s market anyplace. [email protected] THANKS!!!

  3. Toronto says: November 29, 200811:47 pm

    Modern ones go in the microwave for a few seconds instead of plugging in.

  4. mike says: December 7, 20082:34 am

    I had a migraine just the other night and used a heating pad for just the same effect. With some fairly strong painkillers, it did seem to pass in record time. This little charmer seems to be a bit more efficient than what I tried.

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