Maybe No Noise in Future Wars (Sep, 1932)

Maybe No Noise in Future Wars
EXCEPT for the bursting of high explosive shells, wars of the future may be comparatively silent affairs, thanks to a new silencer just perfected by Ronald Chapman, of Caterham, England.

The silencer, which comprises a small cylinder about two inches in diameter and six inches long, fits onto the end of the gun barrel as demonstrated in the accompanying photo. The sound muffling mechanism which the inventor has not made known, absorbs more than four-fifths of the noise, and all flash and smoke.

With these qualities, the device becomes ideal for snipers and machine gunners in war time, and maybe use for it can be found in the gangster empire, where an “on the spot” job could be achieved with a minimum of disturbance to peaceful non-combatants.

  1. KHarn says: March 9, 20081:16 pm

    Except that Hiram S. Maxim had beat him to it by about 25 years.

  2. mickey says: December 3, 200812:16 pm

    completely silent wars. exept for little things like grenades, cannons, bombs, tanks, and planes.

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