Mechanical Aids Remove Drudgery from Housework (Jul, 1933)

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Mechanical Aids Remove Drudgery from Housework

Cocoanut shredder
Fresh cocoanuts may be shredded with complete safety to hands by use of this new household utensil.

Combination lawn lounge and settee can be wheeled to any part of lawn or beach. Does duty also as convalescent chair.

Ideal for the bed-ridden is this two-legged table, suitable for use as a card table, bed table, tilted book rest, etc. Legs are adjustable to bring top to any height and angle desired.

Last word in convenience is found in home elevator adaptable to any house. Lifts 350 lbs., and has adequate safeguards. Operated and controlled by wall switch.

No longer is it necessary to waste energy to make trips to other parts of the house, office, factory, to talk to someone. This home intercommunicating system carries your voice clear and loud to party you wish to speak to. Adaptable to front door installation, as shown.

Electric wiener roaster has metal points to hold the “dogs” in place. Current thus enters wieners, roasting them deciously in 60 seconds.

Cockroaches, ants, flies, mosquitoes, etc., have high mortality rate when in vicinity of this electric exterminator.

By pushing down on nipple of this new pump placed over milk bottle, cream is forced from the spout, leaving the milk undisturbed. Adjustable to take any amount of cream.

  1. Stannous says: February 6, 200712:55 pm

    I wonder if that’s a bug zapper or uses some other method to kill the bugs.

  2. fluffy says: February 6, 20072:30 pm

    Was coconut shredding a common activity in 1933?

  3. jayessell says: February 7, 20075:33 am

    a) Once you’ve split the coconut with the Machete ™ (Not shown), I’d say the dangerous part was over.

    b) The weiner roaster has no heating element… it electrocutes the hot dog!

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