Mechanical “Baggage Smasher” Tests Cartons (Nov, 1928)

Mechanical “Baggage Smasher” Tests Cartons
A CALIFORNIA company has installed in its shipping department a revolving drum which subjects shipping cartons to all the knocks and jolts suffered in railroad handling. Cartons which do not survive the drubbing administered by the testing machine are not used for shipments. Savings in damage claims and delayed shipments has already repaid the expense of the machine.

  1. Neil Russell says: April 2, 20089:07 am

    The post office here apparently has perfected this device, and even use it on the packages marked “Fragile, please throw underhand”

  2. Sporkinum says: April 2, 20081:42 pm

    It appears they “tenderize” the packages before they are shipped. Doesn’t that just make them easier to damage?

  3. Rob says: April 3, 20085:19 am

    I think they use this at the major airports for baggage handling and TSA screenings.

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