Mechanical “Beanstalk” (Aug, 1950)

That thing looks a little unstable to me…

Mechanical “Beanstalk”
Work at a height of 22 feet is easily-reached by a mobile hydraulic platform. The user operates’ a manual hydraulic pump that boosts the tubular-steel platform to its maximum altitude in two minutes. It is lowered by pulling a pressure release. Four screw jacks lift the equipment off its rubber-tired casters and hold it in position during use. The complete unit can be folded to permit passage through a doorway six feet six inches high and less than 2-1/2 feet wide.

  1. cATFLAP says: April 5, 20083:57 am

    Geez thats scary looking. :\

  2. Marc says: April 5, 20083:42 pm

    Januari 1951, Eugene Albertson, an inventor was found in his backyard with a cracked scull. Besides the lifeless body a strange contraption was found later to be identified as the “beanstalk”.

  3. Myles says: April 7, 20089:41 am

    Where they trying to save money on tubing? It looks like it is rated for gusts up to 3 mph.

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