Mechanical Novelties (Mar, 1936)

This is the earliest electric hand drier I’ve seen. It’s even got a photocell to start it when you put your hands in. Though I must say the cigarette lighter is pretty offensive in our time.

Mechanical Novelties

• HERE is a model fire truck—at least, it looks like one. As a matter of fact, the English fireman pictured is on top of a full-sized water tower, and the picture taken from 50 feet above.

Ice Flows from Tap Like Water
• WITH ice a necessity, for so many comfortable beverages, a good deal of time is spent cracking and dishing it. The machine below for bars and fountains, is very handy. It grinds down ice with a 1/4-H.P. motor; and a glass held under the faucet is at once filled with a flow of ice.

Novelty Cigarette Lighters
• INGENIOUS in their design are these devices, now marketed in Germany and brought back by a traveler. The fisherman’s head is intended to hang on the wall.

Gas Tank Fits in Tire
• FOR added storage capacity, a new European gas tank is designed to nestle in the center of the spare tires at the rear of a car.

Hand Dryer is Automatic
• ANOTHER German idea; the novelty is that the machine is turned on when the hands are inserted, and thus cut off light from the photo cell.

Baby Scale is Musical
• WHEN you set the baby in this scale, the notes of “Rock-a-Bye” come from the concealed music box (if you wound it). Obtainable also without music box (or baby) for domestic uses, at lower cost. The beam-type balance takes up to 31 pounds, with exact readings.

Illuminated Facial Mirror
• THIS device, brought out in England especially for the use of beauty parlors, enables a client to examine face, hair, etc., under high magnifying power, which will bring up blemishes in a way to sell services and cosmetics. It evidently contains a concave mirror and special illuminating means.

German Tree-Sawing Machine
• RIGHT, a German power saw. We are more familiar with the use of the rotary saw, even in the woods, in this country; but here we have a circular segment of a cross-cut saw, reciprocating back and forth, to make a clean cut for felling trees, poles, etc. It leaves a very short stump, working as close as possible to ground.

  1. Stannous says: January 22, 200810:47 am

    The fireman and truck look straight out of the movie version of ‘Fahrenheit 451.’

    And note the description of the gas tank from an era when tires were so poorly made that cars carried multiple spares.

  2. Shaydie says: April 16, 20085:42 pm

    Wow, that cigarette lighter would NOT be sold today

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